Improper ways of carpet cleaning can possibly make it permanently stained by a pet stain. We need to prevent this as much as possible. This is among the considerations you need to rethink before you decide to be a pet owner. Make sure to never apply harsh smelling chemicals to try removing pet odors. To have this stain effectively removed, contact the experts right away. If you think you can still salvage the pet stain in your carpet, read on for you to be guided about how to somehow do it properly: 

Soak them up immediately 

The entire process will be much easier if you can soak up most of the urine before it gets dry. Check out the steps you have to do for this: 

  • Start with utilizing a cloth or paper towel to pat over the spot for the liquid to be absorbed as much as possible. As you remove pet stains, make sure to choose and use a towel that’s closely similar to your carpet’s color.  
  • Change the 1st blotted towel with a new one. Then, press down lightly to eliminate the liquid that has been absorbed in the carpet. Keep on doing this step until it becomes drier than before. You can step on the towel to apply pressure on it. 
  • After removing the last paper towel, try washing the area using room temp water. To dilute the pet urine, make sure that the water is really absorbed by the fibers 

Set-in carpet stains 

Accidents are inevitable and they usually happen at an unexpected time. Meaning, you can’t always be present every time such a thing happens. As a result, you’ll be dealing with dry pet stains at some point in time, which is a more challenging part of the cleaning process. However, do not worry because you can follow the tips below to neutralize and remove the smell. Use a black light to see easily.  

  • Never utilize or apply any type of corrosive or acidic cleaning solution or anything that has chlorine bleach.  
  • Never use carpet solutions that have colored dyes within the ingredients.  
  • Usually, it is recommended to just sprinkle the solution on a clean cloth or towel, then put it on the carpet.  
  • Refrain from vigorously rubbing the carpet. Instead, create a blotting motion as you do this always. Rubbing can possibly smear the stain even more, which can change the appearance of the carpet and damage its fibers as well.  
  • It’s highly recommended to begin from the outer part and work your way toward the middle part while you work on a stain. This is to avoid spreading the carpet stain even more.  
  • After you’ve successfully removed the stain, make sure to lightly blot up any extra moisture retained by the solution. 

Just keep in mind that all carpet stains can easily be removed if you just take action to it as soon as you can or when you ask for the carpet cleaner’s assistance today for professional Walnut Creek carpet cleaning services.