Council Activities

Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles

Our missions:

  • Enhance the morale of Sea Services personnel, veterans, and their families
  •  Expose the Low-Country Community, and especially our  young people, to the values of our Sea Services by supporting informational outreach programs and providing proactive support to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps, JROTC and Young Marines, and
  •  Inform our Community and its leaders of the importance of a strong United States Maritime Sector

Our vision:

  • Become a recognized provider-partner to Charleston-area Sea Services personnel, veterans, families, and aspiring youth enrolled in programs such as Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Young Marines, and JROTC.  We strive to become a premier Community provider of Sea Services information.

Our  guiding principles:

  • Commitment—Have a greater impact in the community stemming from service projects that support Sea Services’ members, veterans, families, and youth
  • Teamwork—Support and encourage collaboration with other veteran’s related organizations who also recognize and promote pride and professionalism, and
  • Growth—Reach out to area Sea Services’ veterans, and supportive civilians, to expand general membership and attract the next generation into our ranks