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Friends, a 12 minute clip on TODAY'S SUBMARINE FORCE, can be found on this link . If you are interested in seeing some current information about service in the submarine force, I commend this to you. If you know young persons who are thinking about joining the Navy, send them this link. Women officers are now serving in our submarine force in ballistic missile and guided missile submarines. Beginning in 2015, we expect that they will also be able to serve on the Virginia class attack submarines. The submarine force is looking to recruit the cream of the talent pool, regardless of gender. Let us help them find the top candidates.

A compelling article about the national security imperative to build two Virginia Class submarines per year can be read at this link.

VADM Malcolm Fages, Council President

VIEW SOME AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHS of the salvage operation of the USS GUARDIAN that ran aground on a coral reef in the Phillipines. The work done by our Navy salvage teams is eye-watering in complexity.


The Naval Sea Cadets are actively involved in the SeaPerch program. They are learning about robotics and acquiring many associated skills. Click on this link to learn much more about the program. Contact the Navy League if you have a child who is interested in becoming involved with Sea Cadets.