We hope you will join us for the commissioning ceremony on March 24, 2018 in Charleston, SC on the Columbus Street Pier where DDG 114 will officially become a ship in the U.S. Navy Fleet and designated USS RALPH JOHNSON (DDG 114)!

All guests must register in order to receive an invitation from the Navy. There will be general admission, Crews’ Families and VIP seating. VIP seating is reserved for the guests who will be on the podium, Ralph’s family and those who have helped us through their donations. To see how to donate click here

The number of General Admission tickets will be determined by the number of remaining seats available after allotting for the number of seats for the VIP and Family Members attending. Don’t let that deter you from registering. We hope to have enough seats for everyone who would like to attend!
Add your information below to receive an invitation to the Commissioning of USS Ralph Johnson as it should appear on the address label.

- Fill out separate form for each adult or adult couple
- Minor children may be included on one form with parents, listed in "Names of Others in Party"
- We will inform all when the date is approved.
- For our Corporate Sponsors, we will be contacting you individually to obtain your guest lists

Invitation Request Form

Commissioning Committee
Navy League Member
Johnson Family
Former Navy/other military
Government Official
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