When it commissions the USS RALPH JOHNSON will be the most advanced ship within our Navy’s Fleet. Arleigh Burke-class destroyers are highly capable, multi-mission ships that can conduct a variety of operations, from peacetime presence and crisis management to sea control and power projection, all in support of the United States’ military strategy. They are capable of simultaneously fighting air, surface and subsurface threats. The ship contains a myriad of offensive and defensive weapons designed to support maritime defense needs well into the 21st Century.
Length: 509.5 feet (155.29 meters)
Beam: 59 feet (18 meters)
Displacement: 9,496 L tons (9,648.40 metric tons) full load
Speed: In excess of 30 knots
Crew: 276
SPY-1D Radar and Combat System Integrator: Lockheed Martin
Propulsion: Four General Electric LM 2500 gas turbines; two shafts, 100,000 total shaft horsepower 
Armament: Standard Missile (SM-2MR); Vertical Launch ASROC (VLA) missiles; Tomahawk; six MK-46 torpedoes from two triple-tube mounts; Close In Weapon System (CIWS), 5” MK 45 Gun, Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM)
Aircraft: Two LAMPS MK III MH-60 B/R helicopters with Penguin/Hellfire missiles and MK 46/MK 50 torpedoes

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